Because of the ever-changing and uncertain environment of this worldwide pandemic, everything and anything can change in an instant. It is something that we need to keep in mind while running our company at this time. The export/import industry – and therefore, the online shopping sector – has rapidly changed because of Covid-19’s complications. Everybody involved with the retail industry is affected, including freighters, couriers, exporters, and importers. Everybody is doing the best they can each day in order to keep things moving. Our company cannot be held liable in any way for service delays or disruptions during the pandemic. For most cases, things are beyond our control. Other things are unavoidable because of social distance guidelines enforced by the government, which are implemented to keep customers and staff safe. Our company will do all that we can within reason to keep our business running on time and smoothly. With that said, in the event that a delay is involved with your order, no matter what stage of transit/dispatch it is in, no refunds will be issued, nor will any discounts be offered. Further, we will not accept liabilities of any sort. Please place your order knowing this and allocate a significant amount of time for your product to arrive.

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