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You've arrived at the UK's leading distributor of whipped cream chargers and related accessories. We pride ourselves on speedy delivery and customer service

The UK’s leading distributor of Cream Chargers 

The cream chargers we stock here are made by the Liss factory in Hungary and various other companies, the world's leading cream charger manufacturer. Each cream charger contains 8g of carefully monitored pure nitrous oxide designed specifically for catering use. 


How are cream chargers made 

Whipped cream Chargers are sealed, solid steel canisters containing pressurized nitrous oxide (N2O). The most common size is 8g (roughly 6cm long and containing 8 grams of pressurized N2O). In terms of appearance, chargers look much like an elongated light bulb, narrowing off towards one end with a shiny or matted steel outer layer.

The manufacturing process of chargers is extremely expensive and complex to set up, indeed, there are only four factories in the world that can produce them. In the UK, the most common brands are Liss cream chargers  (a Hungarian-based manufacturer also specializing in CO2 chargers and soda streams) and Mosa cream chargers based in Taiwan.

Why would we use a cream charger 

The most common use of N2O chargers is for whip cream (hence the name ‘cream charger’). To use the cream charger you will need a whip cream dispenser - typically a half-liter device that safely depressurizes the canister into a chamber containing whipped cream (the charger is placed into hard plastic or metal cylinder (open at one end) which screws onto the dispenser and pierces the metal (emptying the gas into the chamber along with the whipped cream) ]. After a few shakes, the cream/gas mix (whipped cream) can be safely dispensed onto one’s chosen surface. 

Unfortunately, whip cream chargers are not refillable but efforts should be made to recycle the steel casing where the facilities exist.


Are cream chargers dangerous 

Remember, the use of N2O chargers involves pressurized gas. Take care when operating a cream whipper and be sure to keep away from children at all times see our cream chargers safety guidelines 

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