Lavazza Coffee Beans 1kg Crema e Aroma


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Lavazza coffee was founded in 1895 within the city of Turin, Italy. It is a pioneer of several different coffee blends enjoyed internationally. Many restaurants and cafés have integrated this revolutionary coffee into their menu selections. Some copy connoisseurs enjoy Lavazza’s coffee blends from the comfort of their home.
Each one of the products offered by Lavazza is made with some of the finest coffee beans across the globe. Some of them include arabica coffee beans, which are sourced from the Middle East, and the Robusta bean, which is deliciously bitter.
You’ll be able to choose between a quartet of bean ranges, including the elegant Qualita Rossa and Qualita Oro beans, as well as the Crème e Aroma and Super Crema beans!
Whatever choice you make, take comfort in knowing that Lavazza coffee beans have been around for a very long time. Coffee connoisseurs all over the world have enjoyed these beans since the nineteenth century!

The Quality of Lavazza Beans
Lavazza’s coffee beans tend to be seen in coffee shops all over the world. You’ll even see them in bars and restaurants. People everywhere appreciate the quality blend it delivers each time. The only thing you’ll need to enjoy these coffee beans is a sharp grinder.
Lavazza’s Qualita Oro and Super Crema beans are capable of creating a great latte or cappuccino. The former is a great blend that espresso macchiatos are partial to because of its richness!
In addition to small bags that can be used in the office or home, Lavazza’s coffee beans can be purchased wholesale. Check out our variety of products and choose the size that can accommodate your needs.


If your looking for a delicious smooth blend that does not require milk, then look further than Lavazza coffee Classics range, Crema e Aroma coffee beans. Considered one of the finest amoungst the range its ideal for home domestic use or an commercial professional space like coffee shops, restaurants & cafes.
The medium intensity Lavazza coffee is a. Sensation to the tastebuds featuring notes of peanut and nutmeg perfect for those coffee lovers that enjoy barista style coffee in the comfort of their own home.


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