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By comparing other N20 online shops, whipped cream chargers have the most comprehensive selection of cheap mosa cream chargers on the internet.

At Whipped Cream Chargers, we pride ourselves on offering customers the very best cream chargers, From well-established brands such as Liss and Mosa just to name a few.

Whipped cream chargers ensure that every cream charger is of high quality  – at the lowest possible price.

Quantity: 192 Cream Chargers

Size: 8g chargers


Known as the best and recognized brand of premium cream chargers Mosa and Bestwhip are unrivaled in their standard of quality and price
Being that of the world’s largest manufactures of products that include cartridges for carbonating soda, whipping cream disposable compressed gas cartridges. Yeah

Mosa and Bestwhip continue to expand their range of products showing their dominance in the cream charger industry based in Yunlin on the Western coast of Taiwan in their purpose-built factory,

Mosa cream chargers and Bestwhip are an Industrial Corporation that’s trusted by all chefs across Europe and Asia and they have invited a wide range of consumer priced cream chargers utilized as an industry standard for Both commercial and domestic use creating sweet or Savoury creamy foam toppings for deserts.

Manufactured in Mosa / Bestwhip site of the art factory in Taiwan.

*Boxes may vary in design.

When purchasing cream chargers be sure to always follow the instructions carefully

*   Used by all industry-standard cream whippers.
*   Chargers do not Contain oily residue, all chargers are filled with pure N20.
*   Chargers are Lacquered to prevent rust in chargers from being exposed to moisture in damp environments such as kitchens.
*   All chargers are a guaranteed weight of a minimum 8g of Nitrous Oxide.
*   1.5 litres of whipped cream can be created from 1/2 of a litre of whipping cream, more than your normal mechanical whipping.

We strictly forbid selling this product to anyone that is not above the age of 18. If you decide to resell our products please ensure your customers are over 18.

MISUSE: If we think you intend to misuse our products or under the age of 18, we will refuse to sell nitrous oxide (N20) to you and We will ban you from our site.

Cartridge Data:
*   Each canister contains 8g (10 Cubic cms) of nitrous o I’m ode at approx 60bar/900psi.
*   Canister Volume/Water capacity: 10ml.
*   Filling Pressure: 8MPa
*   Non-Threaded.
*   Cartridge total weight: 28gm.
*   Size: 66mm x 17.8mm.

*  Canisters contain 8g of Nitrous Oxide (E942) under high pressure.
*  We highly recommend that you only use industry-standard devices approved for this cartridge and follow instructions carefully.
*  Non-refillable and Recyclable steel.
*  full cartridges are never to be disposed of.
*  Please Keep out of reach of children and anyone under the age of 18.
*  50C max temperature. Explosion Risk
*  Not to be taken on board an aircraft.
*  Colour: Silver.
*  For food use only.
*  Immediately seek medical treatment and advice If you are burnt by freezing N2O, freeze burns can cause scarring and deep tissue damage.

All cartridges are 100% recyclable and not refillable, please dispose of properly and do not dispose of unused canisters

Warning –
Please make sure that the cartridge is empty before you remove it from the device, liquefied gas is filled in each canister under pressure, the cartridge will also get cold once punctured.

Before purchasing any of our products on our site please be sure that you have read our safety information on how exactly you should go about handling, disposing of and use of cream Chargers.


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