Pro Whip Cream Whipper 500ml Black With Plastic Head


Siphons and Cream Whippers

Our siphons and cream whippers are a great addition to any kitchen. You’ll be able to appreciate individual tastes with our cutting-edge whipped cream dispensers.

Capitalizing on our nitrous oxide dispensers, N2O cream dispensers, and soda siphon chargers will give you endless possibilities. If you are a bartender or barista, or simply want to enhance your cooking skills at home, our whipped cream dispenser range is worth looking at.

Whipped Cream Dispensers

If your searching for the most effective cream whippers for your cream chargers within the UK then look no further.
These N20 Cream Dispensers are an industry standard within the hospitality industry additionally as perfect to be used within the domestic environment reception.

Need fresh cream in an instant? This standard size 1/2L cream whippers have the potential to create up to 1.5L of fresh topping in no time, with the utilization of our 8g inhalation general anesthetic (N2O) gas cartridges will whip the proper creamy texture that you simply require.

The cream within the whippers can remain for up to 10 days thanks to the N20 having the ability to act as a natural antibiotic if kept refrigerated. Our N2O cream chargers are cheap and readily ready to use.
This product is simply suitable for topping – it’d be advisable that you simply purchase the commercial of our grade chrome steel whippers for creating hot sauces or Espumas.

hand-wash only. Not for commercial use. Not dishwasher-proof, don’t use with hot ingredients.
* include plastic head and top quality chrome steel valves & various moving parts.
* Uses 8g N2O cartridges which is affordable and simple to use
* Easy to wash, replaceable parts and completely dismantles.
* gasket made up of Silicone great for resistance to high and low temperatures.
* Comes with a cleaning brush, 2 different dispensing nozzles, charger holder, 2 different.
* Airtight system that meets quality standards for food safety.
* spare parts available & readily available.
95(L) x 95(W) x 235(H) mm

OVER 18’s ONLY – THIS PRODUCT isn’t available TO UNDER 18’s
Chargers don’t seem to be included. to be used with industry standard 8g chargers only.

MISUSE POLICY – we’ve the correct to refuse to sell to anyone that we suspect may have u intentions to misuse our products.

8g N2O cartridges – SAFETY DATA
For food use only exclude of reach of kids Never get rid of full cartridges don’t take on-board an aircraft.
Explosion danger – 50C max temperature. Must be employed in accordance with instructions provided by manufacturers. Recyclable steel Cartridges under great pressure, don’t pierce.
Non-aerosol. Volume 10 cm3. Contains 8gm inhalation anesthetic (E942) stressed. Gross cartridge weight – 28g. Colour – Silver

Please make certain to possess read our full safety information on the way to handle & use our Whipping Dispensers before purchasing this product HERE

Before purchasing this product, please make sure that you have got read the complete Safety Information HERE on the way to safely handle and use Whipping Dispensers.


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