We endeavor to satisfy each customer that we serve.

We also understand that returns may be necessary from time to time.

EU customers have the legal right to request a refund from something that they purchased within seven business days of a product’s delivery. Some people refer to this timeframe as a sort of “cooling off” break. This is applicable to each product we sell. Unfortunately, we do not accept cancellations if a product has already been opened.
For more details about what your rights are when it comes to returns, check out

How to Return a Product
If you would like to cancel an order, you will have a 14-day window to do so. Kindly send an email to or call us at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE] and let us know why you want to make a return. After receiving your email, we will let you know what your options are, as far as sending the product back goes. For the most part, we will have our courier collect the product. You can use a shipper of your own if you use tracking/proof of delivery. The items you are returning should be packaged securely. If you’re dispatching the product yourself, please have it delivered to the specific address printed on your invoice. That way, we will know that it was received within the two week period from the time the product was received.
You will need to use recorded delivery (a service that you sign for) or insure consignment. A note should be included with the contact information, in addition to a reason why you’re sending the goods back.
After we receive the products, they’ll be assessed to determine what kind of condition they are in. If the items have not been opened, then you will be refunded in full, less the initial shipping cost.
Be mindful that you may be held responsible for certain transportation costs of returned items. Exceptions are made if the product you received was sent in error and/or if a product was defective or damaged.
Send your returned product to:

Whipped Cream Chargers LTD

DRCA Business Centre, Battersea, SW11 5JE.

Note: orders more than £100 might be subjected to a restocking fee of 7%. This won’t be enforced if items are sent back because of damages to the products, or the wrong quantity of items was sent.
Item Sent Back by Courier
Items that are returned by way of courier because of unsuccessful delivery will be subjected to an additional charge. Exceptions will be made if a customer has proof that they have:
* Attempted to get in touch with us or have already engaged with us within a 24-hour window of the anticipated date of delivery.
* Attempted to get in touch with the carrier or have already engaged with a courier within a 24-hour window of the anticipated date of delivery.
Alternatively, you have the option of having the return charges subtracted from the amount total for products being sent. However, if a returns charge surpasses what it was on the initial order, buyers may need to pay those extra charges.
Order Cancellations for Products That Have Not Yet Been Shipped
If you receive a cancellation notice of a product order before we can ship it to you, the order’s full cost will be refunded. Exceptions are made if unique shipping charges need to be pre-booked for it. Kindly note that after we start delivering the item, you won’t have the ability to cancel extra services purchased, such as gift wrapping.

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