Whipped Cream Chargers Safety Information

There are products on our website that are age restricted anyone that purchases from whipped cream chargers must be over the age of 18. If you are not over the age of 18 please leave the website immediately if we suspect that you are under the age of 18 we will cancel your order and ban you from the website your money will be refunded.

Topics we cover on our safety information 

Consumable Products (Syrups, Coffee Beans, Hot Chocolate, Tea etc.)

Catering Devices (Coffee Machines, Whipping Dispensers, Soda Siphons)

N2O (Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers)

Misuse (Dangers of Misusing Nitrous Oxide)

Procedures of Misuse


Here is Safety information on our Consumable Products available on whipped cream chargers

(Tea, Syrups, Hot Chocolate,Coffee Beans.)

consumable products

We would highly recommend that you research our products before you make a purchase. Our product may contain allergens that could trigger any allergies.

Whipped cream chargers can not take responsibility or is not liable for customers that purchase consumable products that result in an allergic reaction.

Please always make sure to check the ingredients when buying products from our store before consuming them.

The ingredients will always appear listed on all product packaging

Please always notify our customer service staff if you receive an item and its security seal is broken upon delivery (damaged in transport etc) our team will arrange a refund, return, or replacement of the product, DO NOT consume if arrived in a compromised state.

It’s very easy for debris or germs to enter a liquid substance, this is why consumable products tend to have a security seal in the form of a screwable top or a breakable film lid depending on the product whether it is syrups or coffee.

Information regarding catering devices & safety on Whipped Cream Chargers

(Soda Siphons, Whipping Dispensers, Coffee Machines)

Catering Devices

Please we always ask that if you intend to purchase one of our coffee machines that you exercise precaution and follow the manufacturer’s instructions especially to avoid any harm.

We are always happy to assist if you have any issues with installing your coffee machine. We are well aware that some devices may need some professional assistance in setting up, if you are unsure feel free to contact our customer service and we will be there to help you.

Please use machines with caution always take the necessary safety measures needed when dealing with hot liquids to avoid burning


Our AeroPress machines are an industry standard and very popular these machines are used with extremely hot liquid so please always make sure that safety measures are being when using this particular product, always follow manufacturers instructions before using to avoid the risk of burning one's self

AeroPress: If you are purchasing an AeroPress Coffee Maker, please follow the manufacturer's instructions provided before using. These machines are used with hot liquids so please ensure safety measures are taken so that users do not burn themselves.

Whipping Dispensers: If you intend to buy a Whipping Dispenser, please always read the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the product before you use it.

Depending on the recipe Only either CO2 or Nitrous Oxide can be used in one of our whipping dispensers. Our dispensers should be used with 8.4g compatible chargers only unless converted with a compatible converter.

Our dispensers should only be used with up to 8.4g compatible cartridges (unless you have a compatible adapter or converter), either Nitrous Oxide or CO2 can be used in a Whipping Dispenser depending on recipe or use.

Our whipping dispensers are universal but despite this, we strongly recommend that you only use them with brands listed on our website, we can not guarantee the safety of using other brands so we, therefore, we advise you don’t use them with incompatible devices

When using a whipping dispenser you are at risk of injuring yourself from freeze burn, when the Nitrous Oxide is released from the cartridges. We would highly recommend using gloves or a comfort grip to minimize the risk of hurting yourself.

Be sure to check where the pressure release hole is before using a Whipping Dispenser, please identify where on the Charger Holder the pressure releasing hole is before use.

The pressure releasing hole is a small, manufactured hole in the charger holder to allow additional gas to safely release from the charger holder if the device experiences failure for safety purposes when handling pressurised gas.

Always handle with care, occasionally if screwed on too tightly or at a wrong angle the Whipping Dispenser can thread.


If this is your first time using a whipping dispenser we would strongly advise that you watch tutorials online and on YouTube of how to use it correctly and safely

We do have a YouTube page that you can visit if your feeling unsure as to how to use a whipping dispenser correctly, we not only have instructions but also recipes on our channel too.

Only 1 charger is to be used with Whipping Dispensers below 500ml that is the maximum allowed

2 chargers maximum can be used with 1L Whipping Dispensers there is a high possibility of an explosion occurring from excessive pressure if you use more charge than recommend.

Avoid injury including the likes of freeze burn from by avoiding to Pierce the sealing cap without the correct equipment this should never be attempted.

Soda Siphons: If you intend to purchase a Soda Siphon please make sure that you read the manufacturer's instructions before using the product.

We always recommend using a comfort grip when using a Soda Siphon to avoid freeze burn and other injuries caused when misusing these products. Cartridges tend to freeze once the cartridge chamber is released and can be hazardous.

Be sure to identify before use where the pressure is being released from the charger holder when using a Soda Siphon.

The pressure release hole is manufactured to allow additional gas to be released safely if the device experienced any type of malfunction for safety one must always take precautions when handling pressurised gas.


Always handle with care Soda Siphons have a tendency to thread if screwed on at an angle or too tight, we do have tutorials available online to assist you if you're having any difficulty or if you're confused as to how to use your Soda Siphon correctly

You can only use a maximum of 1 charger on a Soda Siphon that’s 500 ml.

2 changers can be held in 1L Soda Siphons and 3L can hold a maximum of 3 chargers

Warning: an explosion could occur if using more than the recommended level amount from too much pressure.

You are at risk from an injury such as freeze burn if you decide to pierce the sealing cap of our cream chargers with the wrong equipment

Also, it’s highly recommended that our CO2 Capsules should only be used with new Siphons older Siphons tend to be brittle & weak which could be dangerous and cause injuries

Nitrous Oxide (N2O Cream Chargers)


Product Details: A Whipped Cream Charger is approximately 8g Nitrous Oxide Contained in a steel cylinder. At the narrow end of the steel cylinder, it has a breakable seal which once broken releases the Nitrous Oxide. This is done by a sharp object with our manufactured products inside our cream dispensers.

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase our cream chargers for legal and safety reasons government laws have made these products age restricted

There is an age restriction when purchasing N2O because of Cream Chargers being a pressurised gas and conceivably hazardous whenever used inaccurately.

They are additionally age limited because of the gas's psychoactive effects whenever consumed, which is regarded as abuse of the item comparably to how solvents and pastes can be abused.

It's a direct breach of the Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016 If you Utilizing Nitrous Oxide for its psychoactive properties by breathing in the gas it is unlawful.

We don't excuse, partner, or associate with any kind of organization or company that may promote the abuse of Nitrous Oxide.

Used chargers are 100% recyclable where steel reusing programs exist but they are non-refillable this must be taken into consideration when Discarding Cream Chargers

To be appropriately recycled & reused, Cream Chargers require removing of all gas prior to being slashed in half fifty-fifty by proper machine apparatus.

These are safety measures set out by the makers of Cream Chargers to guarantee that the cartridges are totally unfilled with packed compressed gas before put through recycling machines which could be exceptionally perilous.

Correctly Storing Cream Chargers: Must be kept far off and out the reach of minors younger than 18 years of age. Cream Chargers must be kept in a cool spot (under 50°C) and must not presented or exposed to any kind of heat. Nitrous Oxide is a non-combustible gas but however, it does have the ability to oxidize. The oxidation number of O in N2O is - 2 and the number for N is +1. As N2O has no charge, the amount of the oxidation numbers is equivalent to 0. 2(+1) + (- 2) = 0.

Perils of Misuse (Nitrous Oxide)


Abusing Nitrous Oxide is purposefully using the substances for their psychoactive impacts by breathing in the gas. The Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 is a law in the United Kingdom that has been put in place to limit the creation & production dealing and selling of a new class of psychoactive substances known as “legal highs". TalkToFrank Website Quote: "Starting at 2016, nitrous oxide is covered by the Psychoactive Substances Act and is unlawful to sell or supply for its psychoactive effects & impact."

Nitrous Oxide has been utilized in the culinary business for quite a long time and utilizing Nitrous Oxide for providing food and its other genuine uses is lawful.

But unfortunately as of late, Nitrous Oxide has shockingly become a famous substance that has been misused & abused for its consequences for the effects on the central nervous when breathed in.

There have been reports and It has been included in the media more as of late which has been the main source of its ascent in fame.

Whipped Cream Chargers don't support, advance, condone or encourage anybody in any capacity to abuse Nitrous Oxide and Whipped Cream Chargers have a broad range of measures set up to prevent the items from being abused.

Whipped Cream Chargers maintains whatever authority is needed to reject dealing to anybody we regard inadmissible to sell N2O to or that we are dubious of possibly abusing or of being younger than 18 years of age.

When experts & professionals plan to use Nitrous Oxide they tend to use it inside a protected clinical climate as a clinical aesthetic, they handle it in a controlled way with suitable gear and equipment. If you try to use this product directly on one's self outside of the clinical business you could possibly cause an immediate fatality by means of suffocation (choking because of an absence of oxygen).

There are long term effects that can be seriously harmful to your physical and mental state at any rate. The substance know as "Laughing Gas" is a mix of 70% Oxygen and 30% Nitrous Oxide.

It is not pure N2O like what is found within cream chargers

Expected Risks of Misusing Nitrous Oxide

Oxygen Deprivation: Potential Result of Misusing Nitrous Oxide

Sedatives are quick turning into a famous technique for encountering a 'high' that countless individuals in our current society look for these days. Despite the fact that nitrous oxide doesn't have the same quality and strength of different sedatives its utilization has been expanding fundamentally.

It's conceivable that abusers believe thats its weak in contrast to other analgesics and drugs means it connotes a lesser danger factor, yet that isn't the situation. It is a totally off base connection. The dangers are genuine. Regardless of it being a more weaker medication drug by certain norms, it produces euphoric emotions and can possibly drastically influence the behaviour & conduction in any individual abusing it.

Potential for Brain Damage

Brain damage is a genuine result that can be endured because of abusing nitrous oxide in this manner , this is because it isn't blended at least 20% oxygen in a controlled way when it is breathed in, the decrease of the oxygen content in the blood can trigger hypoxia—a very harmful and serious condition.

Some abusers aim for a greater high, and wind up breathing in tremendous sums to the detriment of the fundamental oxygen that we depend on to breathe.

Brain damage can follow because of this activity which is irreversible. It just requires one occurrence of hypoxia for perpetual cerebrum harm to follow.

When used in an expert, controlled clinical climate, Nitrous is managed with oxygen. That is the explanation as to why it's called  'gas in addition to air'.

Suffocation causing Death

A significant huge number of fatalities are solely because of the absence of oxygen due to nitrous abuse

Some abusers enjoys taking serious risks to their lives by putting their head inside a plastic bag filled up with nitrous oxide and tying it around the neck. Many abusers wishing to guarantee they are inhaling pure nitro, don't understand the outrageous danger of pursuing this greater high.

Without enough oxygen, the human body won't survive or they could pass out die due to the low oxygen or if they put the bag over their head they are doubling the chances of suffocating.

Inordinate use can possibly prompt hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is a very serious condition and might prompt further risky health difficulties as well.  There can be different threats prompting casualty or fatality like for example a family background of medical conditions associated with the abuse of sedatives or any extra existing medical condition.

Bone marrow might show symptoms of deterioration. The body’s nervous system may sustain severe damage inflicted by deteriorating bone marrow. When someone breathes air out of a pressurized tank, they may not realize that gas flow inside of it is very cold. This could result in vocal cord damages or freezing, potentially asphyxiating that individual. Respiratory system and lung frostbite could come about because of sudden changes to gas states. Some partiers have been known to inhale oxygen via a facemask. This practice doesn’t provide the quantity of oxygen necessary to counteract the gas, resulting in fatal consequences. While young people may have a cavalier attitude when it comes to health risks over the long run, they should be mindful that inhalation of nitrous comes with a very real threat and danger.

The Long-Term Consequences That Come with Abuse of Laughing Gas

Using nitrous oxide regularly can stimulate a deficiency of vitamin B12. This vitamin is an important element for several biological systems inside our bodies. If a deficiency of this vitamin were to happen, an accumulation of amino acids will develop in an individual’s blood supply. This could cause all sorts of vascular diseases. Further, when laughing gas is inhaled during pregnancy, it may result in fetus deformities. As such, nitrous oxide must be avoided if an individual is pregnant.

Falling Potential

Nitrous oxide abuse could result in injuries, including fractured bones and concussions. Some people have sustained extreme injuries after inhaling the substance, including falling out of open windows or stating an accident while operating machinery.

Long-Term Usage Could Result in Personality Disorders

Certain people may develop an addiction to this substance, which could cause them to sustain mood and personality disorders. Lasting damage may also be inflicted on the nervous system or bone marrow. When an individual stops inhaling nitrous oxide after abusing it for quite some time, those issues might not go away.

The Side Effects of Using Nitrous Oxide in Conjunction with Meals

If excessive inhalation is practiced, or if somebody inhales right after consuming a meal, then nausea may ensue. Further, severe stomach pain could develop for long-time users.

Loss of Bodily Function Control

In several instances, users have been admitted to a hospital after losing the ability to stand on their feet and/or losing control over their bodily functions. Nitrous oxide overuse leads to a lack of body control. This is a side effect that doesn’t happen overnight. Prolonged use over extensive periods of time may result in this. The user may experience a tingling feeling in their feet. Before long, those people might not feel anything in either foot, including pain. The side effects of nitrous oxide are cumulative by nature. Most side effects aren’t immediate and might only come about after long-term use and/or a while afterward.

Recovering from Irreversible Damage

After somebody starts to lose their ability to use a limb, it might be months before that individual regains use of it. The length of time it will take for this to happen will be contingent on the abuse’s extent. However, there aren’t any guarantees that the individual will be able to experience the life they are accustomed to afterward. A lot of damage is, unfortunately, irreversible. Also, because of fleeting pleasure that nitrous oxide produces at first, an individual may end up miserable for the rest of their lives if they abuse or overuse the substance.

Hearing Damage

People who suffer from hearing issues may experience other side effects. People who have middle ear disease or damaged eardrums might lose their hearing in full if they’re constantly exposed to nitrous.

Long-Term DNA Mutations

Comprehensive tests have been conducted, and the findings have revealed how long exposure can impact an individual’s DNA. Currently, it is unknown how long a person needs to be exposed to nitrous oxide before this kind of effect occurs. Be mindful, though, that exposure to the gas over a 2-hour span could lead to adverse outcomes. Repeated exposure can also be detrimental to one’s health.


Vegans shouldn’t expose themselves to large amounts of nitrous because of the B12 deficiencies in their diets. If supplements are taken for the sake of compensating for the shortage, then this risk factor will be alleviated. Pregnant vegans, though, remain vulnerable to ongoing use, and their children could be the ones that end up experiencing long-term side effects.

Fatal Anesthetic

Because nitrous oxide is an anesthetic, it runs through a quartet of stages that start with drowsiness and ends with unconsciousness. The excitement and euphoria felt between those stages is what people expect to experience. Unfortunately, the desire for such euphoria encourages users to potentially abuse the nitrous like it was a recreational drug. Too much nitrous can cause unconsciousness, or worse, put the user into some kind of coma. After inducement of a coma this way, users will probably cease breathing altogether. In such instances, the brain will be deprived of oxygen, resulting in a fatality if the individual is alone. Before this happens, medical assistance must be obtained right away.


Twelve hours before any kind of general anesthetic is administered, patients are encouraged to fast. Only water should be conceived during this period. Vomiting and nausea are side effects that come with these substances. If an individual isn’t supervised, they may end up inhaling their vomit before choking, causing death. Nitrous oxide users need to understand that extreme care must be taken, lest they lose consciousness before choking.


What started as a recreational high can develop into an addiction that cannot be self-controlled. Most people don’t realize they become addicted to the substance until it is too late. Don’t wait until you’re hospitalized to begin feeling remorse about an addiction. There are other ways to deal with any adversity you are facing. Life is precious, and everybody experiences challenges at one time or another. Tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs can adversely impact someone’s lifestyle. In some cases, death may even ensue. Take proper care of your body, because you’re not just hurting yourself by abusing a drug – you’re also affecting the people who care about you.

Nitrous Oxide Misuse – Our Policy

Misuse Procedures

Protecting the public and the people who come to see us is something we take very seriously. Extensive safeguards and measures have been implemented internally and publicly to prevent users from abusing nitrous oxide. Our company doesn’t disclose internal policies for analyzing, monitoring, and managing nitrous oxide requests. That is because we are a private company. We will not publicly release relevant information. This decision prevents people with bad intentions to find loopholes around our procedures, systems, and policies.

Whipped Cream Chargers developed a policy known as “Misuse Procedures” that each member of our team is fully trained on. Staff are regularly tested to make sure that nitrous oxide sales are appropriately handled. Staff are told not to reveal what the policy entails, or how an order is evaluated before dispatch is implemented. We don’t sell nitrous oxide to anybody 18 years of age or younger. If we believe that somebody is misusing the product, we will not sell it to them. They will also be blocked from ordering in the future. If these individuals attempt to place an order, the money will be refunded, and the order will be canceled. Whipped Cream Chargers reserves the legal right to place a 72-hour hold on an order while it is analyzed and investigated by our staff. Likewise, consumers can request a refund and cancellation while an order is on hold. However, these consumers will not be allowed to place future orders if an analysis is rejected or incomplete. To bypass being subjected to order investigations, don’t place any orders through our website.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

Product info – CO2 chargers (a.k.a. Powerlet cartridges) are small metal containers that can hold between 8 g and 88 g’s worth of compressed carbon dioxide. These small containers usually hold a little bit of oil, which are utilized as a source of power for various guns (paintball, Airsoft, air, etc.). They are also used to rapidly inflate various devices (for example, personal flotation devices).

Restrictions – these chargers cannot be purchased by anyone under the age of 18. CO2 has age restrictions because of its pressurized gas nature. If it is inhaled improperly, the consequences could be dangerous.

CO2 disposal – you cannot fill used chargers, though they are completely recyclable. Used chargers should be disposed of at a steel recycling center. Proper recycling of CO2 chargers entails expelling gas before the container is broken in half (through machinery). Make sure that cartridges are devoid of any compressed gas well before they are put through a recycling machine. Dangerous repercussions can ensue if these measures are not followed.

Inhalation – breathing in CO2 in low concentrations will not be harmful to your health. On the other hand, high concentrations can impact respiratory function, causing excitation, and subsequently, central nervous system depression. High concentrations of CO2 can cause airborne oxygen to be displaced. CO2 isn’t flammable, nor can it be ignited. It is commonly found in most fire extinguishers, as it is needed to put fires of an electrical nature out.

Storing a charger – these containers cannot be used or accessed by anybody younger than eighteen years old. A CO2 charger needs to be stored in a significantly cool place (below 50°C). It must not be exposed directly to heat. Carbon dioxide has been categorized as a potential workplace hazard if administered at fairly high concentrations. With that said, CO2 is always naturally present. Air that we inhale is done at about a0.037% concentration, which isn’t harmful to our health when breathed in at reasonably low concentrations.

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